The Collection:

I design two collections every year for NATA. In the summer its light summer dresses, short sleeve and sleeveless blouses, tunics, and pants, all made from high-quality, breathable and easily washable fabrics. My design is simple yet smart; it flatters a woman’s body, gently tracing its contours.

For the winter season I design comfortable dresses soft to the touch that can be worn to work, tunics made from elastic jersey fabric in flattering cuts and sensible sizes, blouses for both day and night stylishly cut. I also design lightweight coats and jackets that are tailored and but also feel like a warm hug.  


Urban Chic

When I design summer clothes for NATA I think about clothes that can be worn both during the day and in the evening, clothes for work but also for going out. Summer dresses from soft breathable materials, short-sleeve and sleeveless summer blouses that flatter a woman’s body. Light cotton trousers with a touch of lycra for comfort and light airy tunics. Though comfortable, my designs are well tailored and clean cut.

Crisp and sharp, my designs, offered in a range of sensible, real-life sizes, trace the body without clinging to it.


The NATA winter collection is characterized by dresses that can be comfortably worn to work, tunics made from elastic jersey fabrics in sensible sizes.

Sophisticated blouses made for both daytime and evening wear from soft, high-quality fabrics.

Lightweight coats that look great with a nice pair of boots, and comfortable jackets with a tailored look that are cozy and snug.